Stratum Supported Languages and Frameworks

Stratum Supported Languages and Frameworks

The general rule of thumb to follow is that if it is supported by Heroku, it is supportable by Catalyze. The listing of languages / frameworks supported by Heroku is listed here. In summary, here is the listing:

Third-Party Buildpacks

There are many third-party buildpacks available for use. Some of these buildpacks tweak existing language packs, others carry out a specific function that other buildpacks cannot do.

While Catalyze does not officially support non-Heroku buildpacks, many of them will work on the Stratum platform.

Cloud computing for healthcare

If you store, process, or transmit Protected Health Information, rely on Catalyze to keep you HIPAA compliant with our platform as a service, mobile backend, or managed HL7 integrations.

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Catalyze learning resources

Learn the important and intracate details of HIPAA compliance, make use of HL7, and understand the security aspects of handling protected health information with our learning resources.

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