Logging Troubleshooting

Logging Troubleshooting

Logging is down

I am getting a 503 when I try to view my logging page

  • Potential Issue: Your logging service may be down or may not have been deployed
  • Potential Solution: For some sandbox environments, logging services may not have been created. Contact Catalyze support to create and deploy these services. Otherwise you can trigger a redeploy of your logging service by using the Catalyze CLI command catalyze redeploy logging.

CircuitBreakerException: Data too large

  • Potential Issue: This usually occurs when your logging service has accumulated a large amount of data and Elasticsearch is reaching its memory usage cap.
  • Potential Solution: Contact Catalyze support to increase Elasticsearch’s memory usage limit or clear Elasticsearch’s cache.

Missing Logs

I am not seeing any logs for a service in my logging dashboard

  • Potential Issue: Logs may not be printing properly to stdout. If you are using custom logging, your application may not be configured properly.
  • Potential Solution: Ensure you are printing log messages to stdout. If you want to use custom logging, ensure it has been set up and configured properly according to this guide.

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