VPN Access

Can I access my Stratum environment via VPN?

Yes! Catalyze offers a VPN appliance that can be added to your environment that provides direct access to your environment’s internal network.

What can I access through the Stratum VPN?

Currently, the VPN provides direct access to database or caching services. This access allows users to hook up database visualization software or directly connect to the Redis CLI.

How does the VPN work?

If a client purchases the VPN appliance for an environment, Catalyze will provide them with connection and credential details for their VPN. Once the VPN is connected, interaction with the services will take place over a private IP address.

What VPN clients are supported?

Supported Clients:

OSX 10.10+ - Native VPN Client Ubuntu/RedHat Linux - strongSwan VPN Client

How do I setup my VPN client?

Check out our guide here

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